Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Blog!!!!! Check it out!!!

Hey, I got this new blog which I am using right now. My other one I had I didn't like, so I made a brand new one!!! I am going to try to write to it every day. Maybe I can hook it up with FB or something. I don't know. Anyway, I am bored right now and waiting until I can go eat dinner. Then after that I go to the Purple Cow Bookstore to go to my writer's meeting! I love going to the meetings because they are so fun! After, all I want to do is write, write, write! Anyway they are just fun. Today, I school I had a assembly and had to sit on the hot bleachers with the sun's rays on my back. It sucked! I am very excited for Halloween and even though I am fifteen I am going trick or treating. Free candy people who can pass up on that! This year I am going as a fairy. Not the gay fairy but one with wings. Ah, Wings, such a good book and I am almost finished with it. Wait! I have a brilliant idea! I should give book reviews on the books I read! Then, you people can see if you want to read them or not! Ha! I am so brilliant it hurts when you look at me! :D Yes, you are now thinking, Wow! That girl is into herself! But really I just love being me because with out me the world would secretly be a horrible place. Ha! Ha! I am the best there is and you are jealous. :D Anyway, how did I get off subject? Am I even talking about a certain subject? I don't know but so far this blog thing is really fun and I am going to be writing in it a lot. Actually, when I have time to write in it, because I have homework, school, and other things to do with my life then sit and talk about me. :D Well, anyway I hope you enjoy this blog because I know I am!

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