Thursday, September 22, 2011


Some people think appearance is an important aspect of life. For a job interview appearance is important. In my world, I am discovering I don't really care about my appearance unless I am getting my picture taken. I hardly wear make-up and I really don't do my hair. Now, because of my age I should start caring about my appearance. Lately I don't know if that is true anymore. For me a pony tail and no make-up is comfortable. Isn't being comfortable more important than how you look at school? I am not saying you shouldn't take a shower or wear clean clothing. All I am saying is don't go over the top with make-up or dying your hair. Make your appearance as comfortable as possible. If you try to hard it will just make you look foolish in front of everybody else.

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  1. Katie--you're totally right. These girls in the hallways with their huge hair and high heels kind of make me want to laugh. If you're going to live, might as well be comfortable doing it.
    You make my heart smile <3