Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When I was younger I didn't believe people when they said life is too short. As I grow older I see how right those people were. I am already a sophomore in High School and in two years I will be leaving the nest. I say I am ready for it, but I am absolutely terrified. I know what I want to do after High School but I am not prepared for life to come so quickly. In Elementary school I couldn't wait to be older. My mother always said, "Don't wish for life to come, enjoy it while it lasts." I just dismissed her comments and moved on. Once I reached Jr. High I started to laugh at the possible things life would have for me. I wanted to be older so bad, move out and live my enjoyable fantasies. Now I realize how quickly real life is approaching and I am deathly afraid I might not be ready. My best friend and I are already making college plans. What if colleges won't accept me? What if life throws me out of the dumpster? I know I can't live on what ifs but I am truly afraid of growing up. I never thought I would ever say that. I am always planning things but when it comes to life.... I don't know if I will survive. Sure you are reading this and say, "Oh don't worry life is not that hard." I know otherwise. My family is having lots of fiance problems. My parents can't even pay the bills because of their over draft. Not only my family is this way but the whole world is suffering. I know the President is doing his best but I don't my life getting any better. You are probably sick of my rants and worries but what do you expect out of me? Wonderful glorious knowledge that will inspire you to live your life? By now you can tell this whole thing is a rant. What are blogs for other to rant about your dreams and wishes? The one thing I can give you advice is Don't wish for your life to speed by. Take time to smell the flowers before it is too late.

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